The Green Room: With Derek Masterson

Derek Masterson is the author of Bound and founder of No Tears Productions. Bound is set in a brothel in rural Ireland and focuses on the turmoil and inner struggles that four prostitutes face whilst under the unchallenged control of their pimp.

Bound will run in the Loose End Studio at the Civic Theatre from 19 – 21 September.

Here, we get to know Derek a little better…

When did you start your present job?
In late 2008 ; started off No Tears Theatre Company when I realised my  (UCD) College Drama Society was more about who you got on with rather than what you could produce.

What is the best thing about your job?
Working with some talented people and being a part of the entire process of putting a show together, from initially writing it to seeing the audience’s reaction.

What’s currently on your desk that shouldn’t be?
My mobile phone! You can’t do work/write if you’ve your mobile looking at you!

What habits would you like to lose?
I would love to be able to say no to both brandy and chocolate. I tend to inhale both, or so I’m told!

What is you guilty music, TV or movie pleasure?
I can’t get enough of boy band music. From OTT to the Backstreet Boys, and Five. The list is endless!

What music/pictures/movies do you have on your iPod/iPad?
Everything from Steve Winwood to Alex Clare. I’m a huge Hans Zimmer fan too!

Who do you follow on twitter/facebook?
I used to follow Kevin Smith (writer of Clerks / Mallrats) on Twitter. He blocked me for a comment I made about his film “Jersey Girl”, still shocked he couldn’t take it!

Where do you enjoy spending money frivolously?
iTunes and Amazon. Internet spending isn’t like spending money at all ; and I love getting comics and Dvd’s in the post!

What was your worst holiday experience?
Last January I visited my Cousin in Gozo (Malta) ; it rained for the duration and all I had with me was shorts and t-shirts, but I did get to watch the entire series of The Wire…so that was something, I guess!?

Describe your dream holiday?
Just walking around the quieter less touristy parts of New York City! It’s such a cultured place, beautiful in both winter and summer!

What would be your dream job?
Writing films alongside Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and Martin McDonagh. Personal heroes of mine that I think could teach me more than any degree course!

Is there anything about yourself that you would like to set the record straight on?
In relation to my show “Bound” ; I have no personal experiences with prostitutes, but I don’t doubt they’re lovely people to spend an evening with!


Book tickets to Bound – click here


About Civic Theatre

The Civic Theatre's Mission is to mount an artistic and challenging programme of contemporary and classical Irish and international work in Theatre, Dance, Opera and Music for the community of South Dublin county and environs. History The Civic Theatre, opened in March 1999, a project of South Dublin County Council and also grant aided by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. The first production at The Civic Theatre Tallaght was Howie the Rookie by Mark O'Rowe, directed by Mike Bradwell and starring Aidan Kelly and Karl Shiels. It opened on the 23rd March 1999. Since opening we have developed relationships with most Irish theatre companies and most opera, contemporary dance, ballet and children's theatre companies, developing healthy audiences for these. We are particularly proud of our co-productions – to date we've produced; or co-produced 22 plays, involving new Irish writing. We have hosted wonderful international productions, fantastic local work, and we have had some terrific nights of music on stage at the Civic.
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