Caomhan Keane’s Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2012 –

Monster/Clock: A Puppet’s Play on Time
Collapsing Horse Theatre Company

Monster/Clock was chosen as the production of the year in 2012.

It’s difficult enough to do a puppet show. Let alone a musical. Add the demands of comedy on top and the task seems damn near impossible (just ask those involved with ANGLO: The Musical). So the arrival of Collapsing Horse on our theatrical horizon is made all the more astounding by the fact that they marry the differing forms so well to deliver, on their first time out, the perfect theatrical encounter. It’s aimed at children, but like the great comedy of Dempsey’s Den there is an irony to what’s done that speaks to their adult charges, who slip into the world created by writer Eoghan Quinn with an ease aided by the familiar master/student quest narrative and the rustic charm of Disney’s cell animations. The tale is a fairytale flip on the horrors of unsovereign Ireland, a people enslaved by nefarious cretins, their futures stolen so that a heartless monster can be kept alive, as its servants feather their nest with the fat of the land. The fantastic performances of all involved, never fall into the trap of dumbing down or over playing the comedy so that the great big thumping heart at this productions core pumps life into the other essential organs -its truth, atmosphere and its principal message of acceptance.
Review by EI Team | 09:00 | Thursday 3rd January 2013

Monster/Clock @ Civic Theatre Tallaght
Fri 22nd – Sat 23rd February @ 8pm
Tickets €15 & €10 concession, family of 4 – €40



About Civic Theatre

The Civic Theatre's Mission is to mount an artistic and challenging programme of contemporary and classical Irish and international work in Theatre, Dance, Opera and Music for the community of South Dublin county and environs. History The Civic Theatre, opened in March 1999, a project of South Dublin County Council and also grant aided by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. The first production at The Civic Theatre Tallaght was Howie the Rookie by Mark O'Rowe, directed by Mike Bradwell and starring Aidan Kelly and Karl Shiels. It opened on the 23rd March 1999. Since opening we have developed relationships with most Irish theatre companies and most opera, contemporary dance, ballet and children's theatre companies, developing healthy audiences for these. We are particularly proud of our co-productions – to date we've produced; or co-produced 22 plays, involving new Irish writing. We have hosted wonderful international productions, fantastic local work, and we have had some terrific nights of music on stage at the Civic.
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