Tara Flynn opens up about rehearsing and playing the role of Angela in My Brilliant Divorce.

My Brilliant Divorce Tara Flynn stars in the upcoming play ‘My Brilliant Divorce’ at the Civic Theatre. Tara took part in our green room interview and shared her favourite word (its a good one!) and her interesting way of preparing for the role of Angela.

1. What is your favourite word?
My favourite word is actually in Irish, and it’s cosnochta (barefoot). It’s beautiful to say, and it makes you think about kicking your shoes off.

2. What is your least favourite word?
My least favourite word is onion. You have to screw up your face to say it, like you do if you’re eating a raw one.

3. What sound or noise do you love?
My cat purring.

4. What sound or noise do you hate?
Teeth being brushed, which is unfortunate as I have an aversion to unwashed teeth.

5. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Mountaineer. I’d like to conquer my fear of heights and the air would be very good for the skin.

6. How did you prepare for this role?
Walking the dog, like Angela Kennedy Lipsky does in the play, and talking aloud to myself. The neighbours think I’ve lost the plot. But even though it’s really funny, the play is about heartbreak and we’ve all been there. It’s about accessing that. Listening to Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” 20 times a day is torture, but effective.

7. Can you sum up the play in 20 words or less?
Following the shock end of her marriage, Angela tries everything to get her life back on track. With hilarious consequences.

8. Can you relate to your character in anyway?
Yes, although I’m married now, I have been dumped probably more than anyone on the planet. I’m an old hand at picking up the pieces, starting again, dreading first dates, focussing on work – all the things Angela tries. Only when she does it, it’s a lot funnier. Also, there are loads of other characters in this show, all played by me. I try to find something to like about all of them – even the complete idiots. (They’re really fun to play.)

9. Why do you think ‘My Brilliant Divorce’ appeals to audiences?
The first production of My Brilliant Divorce was in 2001 and it’s been in production somewhere in the world ever since. There’s a reason for that. We all know heartbreak, so there’s a lot of recognition. We all like to think we’d try to be positive, like Angela, and we understand when those moments crash in and she can’t quite keep the positivity up. Every comic actress wants to do this play because Angela is so real, and because – with the supporting characters popping in and out of her life – it’s just so very funny; how Geraldine Aron managed to pull off making one of life’s most stressful events hilarious, I’ll never know. But I’m glad she did, and I’m thrilled to be getting to perform it.

My Brilliant Divorce opens on Tuesday, 1st July and runs for 5 nights. Tickets can be booked by phoning 01 4627477 or online here.

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Indian Theatre Group, I Mandala, present Nagamandala at the Civic Theatre this June

NAGAMANDALAI Mandala – a promising Indian theatre group from the Indian immigrant community in Ireland is proud to present ‘Nagamandala’- an Indian English play written by internationally acclaimed artiste Girish Karnad and directed by Kumaradas T N – a young theatre director from National School of Drama, Delhi on 21st June 2014 @ Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Dublin at 8.00 pm.

The play revolves around the mysterious relationship between a King Cobra and a young woman trapped in societal taboos; that challenge her marital fidelity and adherence to accepted religious practices.

The play promises the audience an abundance of visual and sound spectacle that truly reflects Indian subjectivity, tradition, folk, culture, artistry, mythology, and story telling.


Nagamandala plays at Civic Theatre on Saturday, 21st June 2014 @ 8pm.
Tickets are on sale now.
Booking: 01 4627477 or www.civctheatre.ie

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Green Room Interview: Declan Sinnott talks about his album ‘I Love The Noise It Makes’.


Declan SinnottDeclan Sinnott, one of Ireland’s most respected musicians, has at the age of 61 released his solo debut album called I Love The Noise It Makes. Here, we get to know a little more about Declan in advance of his gig at the Civic Theatre on 20th June.

When and why did you start playing?
I heard the Beatles and got hooked . 1963, I was 13. I got a guitar for Christmas that year.

Which instruments do you play?
Guitar is my main instrument, but I also fool around on most stringed instruments like mandolin, banjo, etc. I can also manage a bit on keyboard and drums, and have been known to clear a room with a violin.

What was the first tune(s) you learned?
The first tune I wanted to learn was “When You Walk in the Room” by the Searchers. The first tune I actually played was something by the Everly Brothers with two chords, but I don’t remember exactly what.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
Many and varied. Beethoven, Jerry Garcia, Jon Hopkins, David Russell. A hard question to answer; I like so many things.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
Once again, many and varied, but possibly making my own album, and the pure joy of the gigs I do with Vickie.

Why have you decided to release your debut album?
Mainly because I was offered a record deal by Warner Brothers, and also it’s something I would have always dreamed of doing.

Was it hard to write?
No. I wrote all those songs with my friend Owen O’ Brien and he helped to make the process a lot easier.

Have you another album planned?
Yes I have another album written and I’m in the process of recording it.

What can people expect at your gig at the Civic Theatre?
Well, I talk a lot about almost anything. There’s no format to the gig. People seem to like the fact that there’s no “show”.  Vickie and I will be singing songs from my first album and my soon to be second album, and some songs written by ordinary people. Total awesomeness in general.

Declan Sinnott performs at the Civic Theatre on Friday, 20th June @ 8pm. He is accompanied by Vickie Keating.

Tickets are on sale now and can be booked online here or by phoning 01 4627477.


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Declan Sinnott, I Love The Noise It Makes, CD review

Declan Sinnott, one of Ireland’s most respected musicians, has at the age of 61 released his solo debut album called I Love The Noise It Makes.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Declan Sinnott: I Love The Noise It Makes

By , Digital Culture Editor,
The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk

If you’re a fan of good Irish or folk music then the chances are that Declan Sinnott will be in your record collection, playing guitar on albums by Moving Hearts, Mary Black, Emmylou Harris and Christy Moore, among others.

At the age of 61, Sinnott has decided to make his first solo record and sing his own compositions.

He’s sung before, of course, on stage during his long-standing career as Moore’s musical partner; and includes one of their regular songs, Bob Dylan’s Corrina, Corrina on this CD. Me And My Dark Companion is dark and brooding while I See The World From Here is as mellow as fine Irish whisky. Sun Shine In is catchy and Blood Is Rushing Through My Veins is the sound of someone who cares about his craft. It’s a thoughtful album, and the 12 songs have the exemplary musicianship and classy arrangements you would expect of one of Ireland’s most talented guitarists and producers, whose played everywhere from giant stadiums to small pubs in Rosslare.

The mix of acoustic and electric guitars is expertly done and the singer’s voice has a mature and rugged charm. And I like the CD cover, which makes him look a bit like an Irish Willie Nelson.

Sinnott, like John Prine, was once a postman (in London), and he said of his new venture: “I could never see myself recording an album of cover versions and that may be one of the reasons I was so slow to make an album. The idea that the person singing the song, wrote the song, has always seemed to me to be the ideal.”

There’s a lovely wistful quality to the album (which is part co-written with Owen O’Brien), even in the closing track, an instrumental called Orbit. And the album title? Well, ‘I love the noise it makes’ was supposedly a riposte John Lennon made when he was asked whether he preferred the melody or the lyrics. Declan has made rather a fine noise himself, you know.

Declan Sinnott performs with Vickie Keating at the Civic Theatre on Friday, 20th June 2014 @ 8pm.
Tickets on sale now – phone 01 4627477 or book online.

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Quick Quiz with Ríonach Ní Néill, creator of upcoming Dublin Dance Festival show Amú & Cótaí Dearga

Rionach Ni NeillI’ m told I look like…….my youngest son.

I’m surprisingly bad at……answering my phone.

I’m surprisingly good at.….furniture assembly

I’d love to be able to …….run a marathon

If I had a year off I would…….travel around as much of the world as possible.

At school I was……………mostly absent.

To feel better after a bad day I………call my best friend

I could talk for hours about………dance. Sad but true.

Most precious (non human) possesion………was my camper van, but it was always breaking down.

Most exciting thing I’ve ever done………hasn’t happened yet……

If I could trade places with another woman for a day it would be…..Mary Lou McDonald at a Public Accounts Committee meeting.

You’d be shocked to find out I’ve never………surfed.


Amú & Cótaí Dearga premieres on Wednesday, 28th May at 8pm in the Civic Theatre, Tallaght.
Tickets are €10 and can be booked by phone on 01 4627477 or online (book here).

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Ríonach Ní Néill, creator of Dublin Dance Festival show Amú & Cótaí Dearga

Rionach Ni NeillRíonach Ní Néill is artistic director of Ciotóg, Dance Ensemble in Residence at South Dublin County, Civic Theatre and Rua Red South Dublin Arts Centre. A choreographer and dancer, her work is inspired by an engagement with human and social issues, viewing dance as a form of civic dialogue.

She was a member of Tanztheater Bremen under the artistic direction of Urs Dietrich, 2002-06, and performed with many Irish dance companies, including Fearghus Ó Conchúir, Finola Cronin, and Rex Levitates (now Liz Roche Dance). Ríonach founded Galway based Ciotóg in 2006 for which she has choreographed 11 works, which have been performed in the US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey and throughout Ireland.

Ríonach is Galway Dancer in Residence (2010-14), affiliated with the Centre for Irish Studies NUI Galway, She has curated the Galway Dance Days festivals 2012 – 14, and co-convened the 2012/14 Corp_Real International Symposiums and Art & Geography 2013 symposium. She received her PhD in Geography at UCD and lectures in Dance at the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

Ríonach develops dance programmes for older people, including the Macushla Dance Club in Dublin, Ar Mo Sheanléim in the Conamara Gaeltacht, and a new dance project for people living with dementia.

‘The Area’, a dance film by Ríonach and Joe Lee, with professional dancers and members of the Macushla Dance Club, has been shown at international festivals in the US, Netherlands and Turkey and is winner of the 2014 Cinedans Best Film award.

Amú & Cótaí Dearga premieres on Wednesday, 28th May at 8pm in the Civic Theatre, Tallaght.
Tickets are €10 and can be booked by phone on 01 4627477 or online (book here).

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Robert Jackson performs in the solo piece Amú in the Dublin Dance Festival 2014

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson

Robert was born in Canberra, Australia in 1976, and trained at the Australian ballet school, graduating in 97. In his home country he has performed for Sydney dance co. , Australian folk, and the Dancers Company.

He first came to Ireland to live and work in 99, before relocating to Spain six years later, where he is now based. He continues to freelance in Ireland and has performed for Dance Theatre of Ireland, Coisceim, Rex Levitates (Liz Roche) and Irish Modern Dance Co. He regularly works in Spain for Cinquenta Cuerdas, and in Austria for Second Nature.

Also, he has performed with Montreal Dance in Canada and makes his own work.

He is very pleased to have a long-standing relationship with Ríonach and Ciotóg. This marks his fourth work with Ciotóg, having previously performed in The Area, Tipping Point, and See Saw.


Amú & Cótaí Dearga premieres on Wednesday, 28th May at 8pm in the Civic Theatre, Tallaght.
Tickets are €10 and can be booked by phone on 01 4627477 or online (book here).

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